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Due to its huge success in the Southeast Asian region, the Honda ADV 150 is now on its way to the United States where there is a large market for scooters. According to reports, those in North America will likely see the ADV 150 in the metal by June of this year.

What is the winning formula of this Honda scooter that makes other markets want it too? This mini version of the X-ADV 750 sports a similar ‘urban adventure’ design, but is powered by a smaller but capable 149cc SOHC liquid-cooled four-stroke engine able to 14.34hp and 13.8Nm of couple.

The ADV 150 challenges traditional scooter styling by combining the features of an affordable small shuttle with those of an adventure motorcycle like the Honda Africa Twin. The two Showa remote reservoir rear shocks provide 4.7 inches of travel when asphalt turns to gravel. A 31mm Showa fork provides 5.1 inches of travel for the 14-inch 110/80 dual-purpose tire. The rear end is fitted with 13 inch rubber. These are the reasons why the ADV 150 projects a much higher position than its sibling, the more street-oriented PCX 150.

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Other cool features include a two-position adjustable windshield, a spacious and weatherproof 27-liter storage compartment under the seat, a 2-liter front storage compartment with 12V charging port and a Smart system. Key with anti-theft device.

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The fascia of the ADV 150 closely resembles that of the CRF100L Africa Twin. And if you’re a simple employee working day and night for a decent living just like yours, it might take us a lifetime to raise almost a million dollars to be able to bring home an Africa Twin. For now, having an ADV 150 is the closest we can get from this Dakar Rally stallion. Agree or disagree?

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The ADV 150 was launched in the Philippines in September 2019, although limited stocks did not start entering the country until January of this year, apparently due to strong demand overseas. The Philippines is the first country to get an allocation from Indonesia, the home country of the ADV 150 for the Southeast Asian market, but we are still experiencing a shortage of supply.

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Hopefully Honda will be able to meet the huge demand for the ADV 150 after the COVID-19 crisis. For those on the waiting list, it might brighten up your day: The ADV 150’s SRP in the US is set at $ 4,299, while here it has an asking price of P149,000. With the current dollar to peso conversion rate of P50, this US SRP is approximately P214,000.

Do you think it’s still worth the wait?

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