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“The Chinese market price for Shaanxi greenhouse tomatoes is high, but so is the quality of the product.”

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in the Chinese market. The number of production areas is quite large and they are spread across the country. The most recent production season ended in January, but some of the other production areas are already starting the new production season. This includes the production areas of Sichuan, Yunnan, Shandong, Shaanxi and Gansu.

Mr. Wang Lei of Lei Lei Farm owns several tomato greenhouses in Shaanxi. He recently spoke about the current conditions of the Chinese tomato market: “The tomatoes currently on the market come mainly from Shandong, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Yunnan and Gansu. The tomato industry has suffered from the recent outbreak of COVID-19. We have encountered difficulties. with transport and the increase in the cost of production. This in turn resulted in an increase in the retail price. The COVID-19 epidemic is gradually being brought under control in China. We expect the distribution to continue to improve. The market price of tomatoes is quite stable right now because there is a balance between supply and demand. “

“The production volume has not been small this year. We still mainly produce the variety of tomatoes from Provence. The product qualities of the various tomatoes available in the Chinese market show great differences. We have our own tomato plantation and we produce our tomatoes with special care to avoid any negative impact on the natural environment. We have 4 years of experience and have improved the product quality of our tomatoes to an exceptionally high level. However, some other growers do not have a lot of experience and the quality of their product is not that.Other than that, the price of tomatoes mainly depends on the area of ​​production and the flavor. Another component of the retail price is the cost price of certain varieties of tomatoes. Shaanxi tomatoes are quite expensive right now, around 3.5 yuan. [0.50 USD] per 0.5 kg. This is because they are greenhouse tomatoes. Their cost price is relatively high, but so is the quality of the product. The temperature differences are quite high in a greenhouse, which means that the sugar content of tomatoes is also quite high. They are delicious. Sichuan and Yunnan tomatoes are relatively inexpensive because they are field tomatoes. “

Asked about the outlook for the Chinese tomato industry, Mr. Wang Lei replied, “The overall area devoted to tomato planting is still growing. And this trend is expected to continue for another 2 years. This can lead to non-marketable conditions. One of the important factors in the sales of tomatoes in the Chinese market is the packaging. We are therefore improving both the quality of the product and the packaging of our tomatoes. We invest large amounts in these aspects of our tomato products. Our products are very popular in the Chinese Market, many of our customers come back for more information, the main reason for their loyalty is the delicious flavor of our tomatoes.

“We plan to export tomatoes in the future, when we can ensure that all of our tomatoes meet international standards. The main problem that we have to solve is to transport our tomatoes over long distances while maintaining the quality of the product. So we are focusing on the domestic market for now. We hope to establish a solid base in the domestic market on which we can develop our business. “

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