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Retail market chicken prices soar

In Mumbai, chicken prices increased from INR 220 to INR 240 per kilo due to fears of bird flu in Maharashtra state in January.

According to sources, this disrupted the chicken supply chain, leading to higher prices. In addition, in recent developments, the supply of chickens has further decreased in the wholesale market this weekend.

A month ago the retail price of chicken was around INR 160 per kg. He had reached INR 180 a few days ago. However, the rate has risen to INR 220 since last week. If there is a shortage of goods, other rates are likely to increase.

Earlier on January 6, the Ministry of Fisheries, Livestock and Dairy Industry informed that avian influenza had been reported in all four states, including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala in 12 epicenters. However, officials had assured that there was no need to panic as there is no imminent threat before the state. They also said the chances of humans contracting this virus are tiny. In addition, the state government has issued a warning to poultry professionals and consumers of non-vegetarian food not to panic unnecessarily.

Meanwhile, in 2006, Maharashtra also experienced bird flu, and even then the state government did not wait for the central government to lend a hand to the state’s poultry industry. Speaking of the same, Minister Sunil Kedar also clarified that the role of the state government this time will remain the same.