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Pokemon, Plush, and Food Galore: The Night Market Experience 626

The 626 Annual Night Market in the San Gabriel Valley is a classic outing for people looking for unique food vendors and convention-style stalls.

For many people this year, 626 Night Market was their first big outing since COVID-19. They have been greeted by hundreds of food vendors, ranging from authentic Asian fare to greasy fairground classics to unique treats like fried calamari.

There was also an abundance of artists and collectors selling fun merchandise that you usually only see in Comic Con-type sets. From detailed kaiju designs to Pokemon plush toys from Japan to kawaii pins and key chains, it was impossible to leave without some memories.

This was my first time to experience the 626 Night Market. Check out the food and fun at this iconic Los Angeles County event.

626 Night market: Food

There were several rows of food trucks and stalls in the main section of the huge lot. Between each row were benches for people to sit on (directly in the sun). But aside from the smells and the signs, the most notable thing about this 626 night market area was the lines.

This fried squit joint had the longest line in the whole place. Every time we passed this place there must have been at least 60 people.

Wagyu burgers with ramen noodles as a bun substitute!

Dumplings and dim sum (and hot sauce)!

Very sickening fruit juices. I mixed watermelon with mango the first time, then pineapple and coconut the second time. There was a free top up but it still wasn’t worth the $ 15. The juice was delicious and it was so hot that this kind of purchase was necessary. But still not worth the price.

What fair is complete without these kinds of food vendors? Sausage, Burgers, Fried Oreos and Onion Rings!

Rainbow grilled cheese!

Fried pork rinds with corn and an abundance of good sauces and spices. My friend and I didn’t even manage to eat half of it together. But it was a delicious experience like no other.

626 Night Market: The Fluff

The amount of cute stuff sold here was overwhelming. It was like a Comic Con that had exploded and dispersed outside. The majority of the sellers were Japanese wares (and fakes) and artists. The number of cute pins was overwhelming.

Authentic Pokemon collectibles from the Pokemon Center of Japan. I ended up giving in and getting stuff myself. They also had a few handmade notebooks and pins.

It was very difficult to resist these pieces. The attention to detail in these kaiju prints was amazing. There were a few drawings of Godzilla, Mothra, and Ghidorah that called me out. But I currently have nowhere in my place to really hang them.

Night market 626: The pleasure

If experiences are more your thing, 626 Night Market has made sure to have space for games as well. Most of the stalls were classic carnival games. But what made them stand out was the price. The stuffed animals were much cuter and of a higher quality than what you would get at a classic carnival or a small town fair.

The latter was indeed a pile of lint into which you would literally be thrown! People climbed on a giant crane and then climbed down the pile so they could grab a plush of their choice. The concept was amazing, but the large plush cost $ 80! The real value of the counterfeit plush? Probably $ 15 at most. Of course, it was the experience of being thrown in a pile of lint, which is a dream come true for some.

The verdict


Night Market 626 didn’t live up to its hype for me. The food was the biggest disappointment. While being more unique and flavorful than your base fair price, it was still priced lower than most Los Angeles County dishes. And when you’re surrounded by delicious Asian restaurants within a mile of the fair, it’s really a bit of a letdown.

But the purchases more than made up for the food. It was chock full of convention favorites. A lot of artists were the ones I have seen before. The abundance of cute and quality products was amazing. And since many were unique, it was hard to resist. I ended up buying a lot for my mom and other people who don’t see these kinds of sellers as often.


  • Fun evening, experience new things and take a walk outside
  • Interesting food stalls
  • Great convention style shopping
  • Lots of cute things
  • Fairly good prices for carnival games

The inconvenients

  • It is very hot and there are a lot of people. Difficult to find seats in general, let alone those that were not in direct sunlight
  • Very expensive food and better options outside the fair a few miles away
  • Very long lines (it even took 40 minutes to get in)

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