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Opportunity to earn crores by selling donkey milk, market price above 7000 per kg

A young man living in Mangalore, Karnataka quit the IT industry to trade in donkey milk. For this reason, young people also get good benefits. A young man from Karnataka has started a donkey milk farm. He earns generously from this. The young man made an investment of Rs 42 lakh.

Left software business and started Donkey Milk business in 42 lakhs:

Srinivasa Gowda, a resident of Mangalore, started Donkey Milk Farm with 20 donkeys. For this, he invested Rs 42 lakh. According to ANI news agency, while talking about his company, Srinivasa Gowda said, “I used to work in a software company until 2020.

The objective is to make donkey milk easily available:

It is the first breeding and training center of its kind in Karnataka. Describing the benefits of donkey milk, Srinivas added, “Right now we have 20 donkeys and I have invested 42 lakhs for it. We plan to avoid donkey’s milk, which has many advantages. Our goal is to make donkey milk easily accessible to everyone.

Research suggests that many nutrients are found in donkey milk that are very beneficial to health, which can also save us from problems such as:

blood sugar

Blood flow


skin radiance

Calling it a medical formula, which was all about influencing someone:

It is a medicinal formula. Gowda said he thought of the idea because of the decline in the number of donkey species. He said that initially people weren’t sold on the idea of ​​dinky farming.

Orders worth 17 lakhs have already been received:

Gowda said that before committing this idea and executing it on the floor, he received orders worth Rs 17 lakh. Furthermore, he explained to the media the futuristic procedures that milk packets will be available in malls, stores and supermarkets.