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New Zealand Roxy apples enter Chinese market; the price of Egyptian oranges has fallen

Guangzhou’s import market is currently dominated by oranges, including Australian oranges, Egyptian oranges, South African oranges, Spanish oranges and a small volume of American oranges.

Domestic blueberries (left) and New Zealand Roxy apples (right)

Australian oranges entered the Chinese market this month, and as the supply season has just started, the supply volume is still limited. The flavor is still a little sour, and the price is the same as last week around 400 yuan [59.12 USD] per box of 20 kg. The price of Egyptian oranges, however, has changed dramatically. Last week, Egyptian oranges cost 250 yuan [36.95 USD]but this week the price fell to 130-150 yuan [19.21-22.17 USD] per box. Still, compared to last year, the price is rather high. At this time last year, the supply volume was huge, and the price was around 50-60 yuan. [7.39-8.87 USD] per box.

Some traders explained that the supply volume will remain limited this year, so the price is unlikely to return to last year’s level. Other traders pointed out that a regular price for Egyptian oranges is just over 100 yuan. [14.78 USD] per box.

Australian oranges (left) and South African lemons (right)

The price of South African oranges is slightly lower than at the start of the month, but more or less the same as last week. The price of medium and high grade sweet oranges is about 200 yuan [29.56 USD] per box. One said that the supply volume of South African oranges previously consisted only of sweet oranges and the volume was low, so the price was high and product movement fast. Now that bitter oranges have hit the market, the price has come down a bit. And lower prices have improved the movement of bitter orange products. The price of Spanish oranges is the same as last week and the delivery volume is low.

Egyptian oranges (left) and South African grapefruits (right)

The American orange sales season is almost over. The delivery volume is already rather low, and the price is stable at 400 yuan [59.12 USD] per box. A trader said the price of US oranges reached 500 yuan [73.90 USD] per box at the start of the season, but has now come down to 400 yuan [59.12 USD] per box. Earlier in the month, the overall volume of orange deliveries was limited, so demand exceeded supply. This situation has changed and the movement of products is slower now.

Other imported citrus fruits include South African grapefruits, South African lemons and Australian mandarins. Their prices and product movements are more or less the same as last week, but the delivery volume of Australian mandarins has decreased.

As for import apples, the New Zealand Roxy apple has arrived on the Chinese market. This is the first time that this new variety is on sale in the Chinese market. The apple has been on the market for a week and the price has fallen slightly during this time. An apple trader said prices and sales conditions for imported apples have been stable over the past few weeks. The movement of products is not as fast as people had hoped.

Peruvian avocados (left) and Yangshan honey peaches (right)

Peru is currently the main supplier of avocados to the Guangzhou market. The price is a little lower than at the start of the season, but the movement of products is regular. A trader explained that the supply volumes of various varieties of domestic fruits are increasing, so the power of consumers is divided on a greater variety of fruits. The Guangzhou market also sells American cherries. A trader pondered the conditions and said the price was higher than last year and the commodity movement was slower.

There are many varieties of domestic fruit in Guangzhou market. Shine Muscat grapes still dominate the grape market. Two months ago, most Shine Muscat grapes came from Yunnan, but now a variety of production areas are supplying the market. The price fluctuates frequently. There are also domestic red grapes and black grapes, but their supply volumes are rather low. Most domestic blueberries come from production areas in northeast China. A trader said the selling conditions are stable.

Importing apples (left) and Spanish oranges (right)

There are many varieties of peaches, but according to a trader, the best sellers are Yangshan honey peaches and Xinjiang flat peaches. The supply volume of Yangshan honey peaches is gradually increasing as the harvest progresses, and the price has dropped 26% from last week. Yangshan Honey Peaches are selling well as the price is low and the flavor is excellent.