Market price

Myanmar WFP Market Price Update (January 2022) – Myanmar

  • Monthly prices of major commodities are broadly stable, but remain high compared to the same period last year, as insecurity continues to disrupt transport (via high fuel and transport costs, restrictions , access blocked).

  • In the southeast, insecurity continues to disrupt transport routes and contribute to price volatility. For example, this month’s conflict made data collection impossible in Kayah for the first time, blocked major transport routes, causing commodity shortages and high prices in Chin, and continued to disrupt trade. waterways in northern Sagaing.

  • The cost of the basic food basket was broadly stable month-over-month, but still high compared to the same period last year (28%)

  • Although broadly stable, many regions continue to see slight declines in rice prices across the country due to the ongoing harvest of new rice

  • Edible oil prices increased only slightly (+4-5%) due to local exchange rate fluctuations, although the official exchange rate showed no change

  • The steady deterioration of the local exchange rate with the Yuan (reported this month at 317 MMK/CNY) continues to affect commodity prices in Wa region and Laukkaing

  • Fuel prices rose 14-18% by type from last month, due to higher international oil prices.