Market price

Myanmar WFP Market Price Update (April 2022) – Myanmar


Strong points

  • While there was a slight respite in fuel prices in mid-April, the upward trend continued towards the end of the month and should worsen given the global context. High fuel and transportation costs will continue to be a major factor affecting retail commodity prices.

  • Cooking oil prices also briefly stabilized this month, except in areas of escalating conflict and transport disruption – Sagaing, Kayin, Chin.

  • Quarterly monitoring of market functionality suggests tension in the markets with a slight increase in the proportion of traders with negative perceptions regarding product availability, price stability 1 week and 1 month ahead and lead times. order compared to December 2021, but not as high as in July – September 2021.

  • Egg prices have risen due to rising poultry feed costs as all farmers seek alternatives to wheat following the conflict in Ukraine, leading to higher grain prices.

  • Insecurity continues to deteriorate in the northwest and southeast, affecting access to markets, transport costs and the ability of stores to restock

Retail prices increased in Wa region due to MongPawk market lockdown affecting all products; Chickpea prices return to normal in North Rakhine after Eid