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Man brings Farmers Market experience to seniors in Charleston, WV

A fresh corn on the cob or a juicy tomato can brighten up any summer meal.

According to the West Virginia Farmers Market Association, state farmers’ markets generated $ 9 million in 2014.

A farmer offers the farmer’s market experience to people who might not otherwise have the means to visit. Andy Crihfield’s family has farmed for decades. His stand is a must-see at the Capitol Market in Charleston. But last year, he started bringing a sample from his booth at Edgewood Summit Retirement Community in Charleston, WV. He visits once a week throughout the summer to allow residents to shop in the parking lot.

Roberta Allison grew up on a farm in Monroe County, WV. She has lived in Edgewood for about four years.

“I’m a farm girl,” Allison said. The products reminded him of the good old days.

Crihfield said he liked the change of pace and the ability to connect with customers. He said many residents share stories about the gardens they cultivated as children.

“Now it’s a backyard hobby,” Crihfield said. “Fifty years ago, it was made so that they could eat all winter. ”

Crihfield will be installed at Edgewood Summit every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. during the summer.

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