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Located on the corner of Cypress Avenue and Center Street, this fun and exciting community market is a throwback to the days when every town had a big market where you knew you could buy groceries and other unique items. , and best of all, the staff knew your name and were smiley and friendly. Well luckily for us there are a few of those markets still open, with Gerrards Market in Redlands leading the pack.

Steeped in a rich history, Gerrards has been a city landmark since 1930. It was opened by the Gerrard family, who helped start the Alpha Beta grocery stores. The sense of community and family is evident in many of the antiques and iconic local items that surround the store above the shelves. They have an impressive array of unique and fun items from Britain, lots of old retro sodas, and a host of gourmet items that you usually only find in small grocery stores.

In reality, Gerrards is the amalgamation of a large grocery chain and a gourmet market, which is good if you like finding different and exciting items. Best of all, prices at Gerrards are comparable to other markets. The market quality of meats (choice and premium), fresh, mostly local produce, and deli and bakery departments are superior to anything in this region. Their impressive liquor and wine department features over 2,500 varietals as well as a brand new section of around 250 craft beers that you can choose from and make your own six-pack – a really great idea if you want to try lots of them. different beers rather than a single six. pack of a type of beer.

Another favorite area that I often frequent is the huge cheese department which offers more than 200 national and imported cheeses from all over the world. Best of all, samples of many cheeses are available to taste before purchasing.

Like all grocery stores, Gerrards has most of the items found in a large chain store, however, there are some wonderful differences that can be found throughout the store. Before entering some of the highlights of the market – including a great bakery with items made from scratch and a deli department with delicious food – one glaring thing you will find when shopping in the market is the employees. happy, smiling and caring, which make your shopping experience easy and fun. This rare attitude starts at the top. When owner Tom Reingrover and his late partner Gene Thorpe bought the market in 1999, they instilled a sense of teamwork and pride in their employees not only by talking to them and training them, but most importantly by showing the example. It’s not uncommon to see Reingrover stocking shelves, showing customers around the store, helping employees who need help, etc. He is without a doubt one of the hardest working bosses I have ever seen and his efforts have had a positive effect on his employees, like Cindy Yanke who, along with her staff, are responsible for some of the best restaurant quality food. served in a market grocery store that you can find anywhere.

Made with only meats and Boar’s Head products, all deli sandwiches are hearty and delicious at the same time. The Italian Sub includes a delicious 8 inch sourdough bread, warm and crisp, stuffed with large slices of salami, capicola, mortadella and provolone, as well as lettuce, tomato, olives, onions and the usual Italian dressing. The sandwich was delicious and was worth $ 8.99. There are many other great deli sandwiches to choose from, and the best is yet to come!

If you want to start your day with a hearty breakfast burrito, this is the place to come. Imagine a large, warm, soft flour tortilla filled with your choice of eggs, potatoes, crispy bacon, ham, chorizo, cheese, salsa, and just about anything you want in it. The price of $ 4.99 is definitely a steal!

Two other fairly new features in the deli department are a “make your own” taco bar and wonderful barbecue items that are smoked and grilled in front of the market in a large black smokehouse. You can choose from hand-made smoked sausages, chicken, tripe and ribs. All of the items have a pleasant and delicate smoky flavor and are very reasonably priced.

Let’s talk about some of Gerrards’ classic dishes that you can take home to feast on or sit outside. Most of the big grocery chains sell fried chicken, but not as good as here. The huge, plump 1-pound chicken breast is first coated in a well-seasoned flour mixture, deep-fried and then baked. Large chicken breasts are great and you can buy them individually or as part of a meal with two sides. This chicken breast meal costs $ 6.99, and when paired with the creamy mac and cheese and fresh broccoli coleslaw, it’s truly a delicious, satisfying meal.

Another local favorite is Redlands Chicken, a nice-sized chicken breast stuffed with Ortega peppers and pepper-jack cheese, baked then topped with cheese and a savory red and green pepper salsa. For my sides, I chose the firm and flavorful Spanish rice and the whole pinto beans. Another good dish that I recommend!

Now for one of the two stars of the Deli Department, a freshly baked turkey dinner with a thick slice of all-natural, chewy, tender and perfectly seasoned Shelton turkey, including traditional stuffing and gravy. It also includes your choice of other popular sides like coleslaw, potato salad, steamed fresh vegetables and many more. I was very impressed with the turkey and the stuffing and even more surprised that this wonderful meal is only $ 6.99.

Perhaps the most surprising entry, and certainly the most popular, is the oven-roasted prime rib. This delicious 8-ounce thick slice of meat was juicy, tender, and devoid of the extra fat. Crispy roasted garlic herb potatoes and steamed fresh vegetables made this dinner great value at $ 14.99.

Speaking of great values, Gerrards also offers a large and diverse dining menu. If you want to bring your favorite serving dish, pan, or casserole dish, they’ll be more than happy to fill them with any of the items you can take home and serve for a special dinner.

No great meal would be complete without a fantastic dessert. The desserts at Gerrards displayed in display cases are not only breathtaking, they taste even better than they look, which is a real compliment. Whether it’s cookies, cakes, mousse cakes, cream puffs, fruit pies and pies, the quality of the sweet desserts made from scratch is far better than any of the attempts. large market chains to serve “quality” desserts.

In closing, I appreciate being able to go to a market where the staff are smiling and friendly; the products are fresh; the meat, spirits and wine, charcuterie and bakery departments offer first-class products; and the prices are cheaper or comparable to other markets. Keeping Gerrards around for a long time is important to me, as well as others who don’t want small independents to be eaten up by inferior department stores, who just seem to go through the gestures and really don’t feel like they are. they care about their customers.

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Gérard market

705 W. Cypress Ave., Redlands, 92373, 909-307-2736

Hours: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day

Price range: 99 cents to $ 14.99

Note: 4 1/2

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