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De Ruiter Market Experience offers three opportunities to connect to the value chain

The general appearance, the external and internal color, but also the measure of firmness and taste, are the most important ingredients of a visit to the De Ruiter market of the De Ruiter Experience Center in the Netherlands.

In the last half of the year, it was mostly not executable, and probably the coming period will still be difficult.

Knowing that the needs of consumers and the market around tomatoes are constantly growing, De Ruiter has developed its service offering towards partners in the value chain by offering:

  • Sending of fruit samples of the innovations of the De Ruiter portfolio to your office, to give you the opportunity to form your opinion with your colleagues but also with your customers. At the same time, they will send the current market standard from the same greenhouse to optimize your comparison. (Outside of the EU they cannot send samples from De Ruiter Experience Center, but they can offer you similar solutions)
  • A personalized virtual tour for you, your colleagues and your clients in a single session. In this session you can ask to show the tomato, the green parts to discover the appearance but also the sustainability traits of the portfolio. They can also exchange ideas on optimizing the positioning of the management of premium, general public and budget categories, but also on the most preferred uses of consumers, to promote consistency in the storytelling.
  • Of course, a visit to the De Ruiter Market at the De Ruiter Experience Center if the most current COVID-19 regulations can be met. They do this by asking you to connect with them in advance to make sure they can offer you a tour where they can comply with COVID-19 rules.

If you want to see a visualization of these options in 2 minutes, watch the video below:

The film is in English, but subtitles will be available from September 9 in Spanish, German, Russian, Polish, French and Dutch.

For more information:
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Or connect with your Business Partnerships Manager or Strategic Account Manager in the region.