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Dark Web Market Price Index Report 2018

The following section analyzes the current dark web prices for hacked accounts and explores why individual brand credentials are currently valued as they are. It incorporates both US and UK data.

Find out how different types of pirated credentials can be used for fraudulent purposes in the Common Scams section of our Dark Web Price Research Center.

Personal finance

Hacked financial details are by far the most common items listed, especially credit cards, and the most valuable. Selling prices tend to be 10% of the available credit balance, but we have found credible examples of Pay Pal ads asking for double, which suggests a strong current demand for these accounts.

Proof of identity

The high prices of passport scans, selfies and utility bills reflect the importance of these items in fraudulent access to lines of credit.

Online shopping

There may be a sharp drop in prices, but hacked online shopping accounts offer plenty of opportunities for fraud. Most change hands for less than $ 10, some for much less than that.

Amazon and Best buy accounts are more likely to have stored payment information and are billed accordingly.

Pirate eBay The accounts are also particularly attractive because not only do they allow criminals to trick buyers into sending them money for fake ads, but also to buy expensive goods with the account owner’s funds to intercept and resell them. .

To travel

Pirate Airbnb Accounts ($ 8 / £ 6) are some of the most valuable in this category due to the rich opportunity for scams they open up for the buyer.

Uber credentials change hands for $ 7 (£ 5) as they can be used as burner accounts for expensive trips.


Fly Apple connections sell for over $ 15 thanks to the lucrative demographics of Apple customers and the high probability of storing payment details.

Netflix accounts may be much less valuable than Apple, but at $ 8 (£ 6) are much more expensive than the rest of the connections in this category, the low cost of which reflects the likely lower rate of return on investment and limited capacity of reuse.


Mobile phone accounts are a treasure trove of fraud opportunities, especially given the use of SMS messages for checking bank accounts, for example. T Mobile, featured here with an average price of $ 10.51 (£ 7.57), was recently hacked.[1]


Scammers have been caught setting up complex scams involving stolen Paypal and eBay accounts that they use to purchase high value items.

A pirate DHL The account justifies its price tag of $ 10.40 because it allows criminals to get their hands on the goods, which they would usually resell for a profit.


Facebook connections at $ 5.20 (£ 3.75) sell for more than double that of other social media accounts due to the greater possibility of offering enough personal data to help access more directly lucrative accounts or commit identity theft.


Enhanced security on Gmail, such as two-factor authentication and suspicious login warnings, drop the price to just $ 1 compared to other providers, as access can be quickly revoked, making hacked details unnecessary.

Food delivery

Food delivery services like Grubhub ($ 9) and Deliveroo (£ 4) are more valuable than individual food brands because they offer a much wider range of foods, as well as stored payment details. There are many reports of scammers racking up huge food and alcohol bills through this type of hacked account.

Go out together

These types of ads received the lowest average price in our index, reflecting their limited use by criminals.

Of course, as with most items in our index, it is possible to mine the account for personal information to enable identity theft. The bottom line, however, is that hackers will try to sell whatever they have in the hopes of getting some value from their criminal activity.