Market decline

Dacia Sandero and Duster boost Dacia sales despite market decline

Renault’s Dacia brand sold 277,785 cars in the first half of 2022, up 5.9%, in a market where sales are down across the board.

We all know automaker sales continue to slide as the Covid fallout limits supply chains and production. But no one seems to have told Dacia that there weren’t enough parts to make its cars.

In a market that has seen sales plummet for almost all automakers, Renault’s economy brand Dacia defied the odds to boost sales in the first half of 2022, selling 277,785 cars, an increase of 5.9 % compared to 2021.

Sales figures see sales of the Sandero at 112,000, the Duster SUV at 99.00, the new Spring EV (not yet available in the UK) at 20,000 and the Jogger at 21,700.

Xavier Martinet, Dacia SVP Marketing Director, said:

Dacia’s sales growth despite a sharply declining market confirms the relevance of its positioning built on the best quality/price ratio on the market. Electric and LPG ECO-G versions accounted for almost half of all orders in the first half of 2022, reflecting Dacia’s drive to advocate for a smarter way to consume the automobile.

Dacia claims that its performance is due to take-up and loyalty rates, with 76% of Dacia buyers coming from other brands and 64% of Dacia owners staying with the brand when changing cars. And the price.

This is what has allowed Dacia, the only one of the 20 biggest European brands, to increase its sales in an incredibly difficult market. And their secret recipe for getting the parts it needs to build its cars, although the relative simplicity of the Dacia range will have helped.