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Cryptocurrency Rates Today Sep 20 Crypto Market Price Charts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether Price in India

Cryptocurrency rates today September 20: The global cryptocurrency market has seen a good jump in the last 24 hours and an increase of 3.59% has been recorded in the overall market capitalization. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is still below $1 trillion, but its volume from day one to today is $70.32 billion.
Used to be. The market capitalization of the crypto market today stands at $984.29 billion and is mainly attributed to the rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

bitcoin continues to rise
Although the bitcoin price has climbed a lot in the last 24 hours, it is still trading below $20,000. Today, the bitcoin rate is at $19,527.36 and since yesterday it is up 4.10%. Its 1-day volume was $35.88 billion and its total crypto market share was $370.25 billion.

Ethereum continues to rise
Ethereum price is currently trading at $1,375 and has gained 3.79% since yesterday. Its volume for the past 24 hours stood at $15.83 billion and its total market share or market capitalization is $166.18 billion.

Tether is trading green and remains at the $1.02 level. Its total market cap is $67.93 billion.

What are the rates of other cryptocurrencies – find out here
USD coin- It is trading flat and is at $1.00.
BNB- It is up 3.81% and trading at $273.46.
Binance USD-It is experiencing a decline of 0.6% and is trading at $0.9997.
XRP-It is up 9.13% and remains at the rate of $0.385.
Cardano-There is an increase of 2.65% and it is trading at the rate of 0.454.
Solana-It jumped 4.46% and is trading at $32.96.
Dogecoin-It has a gain of 3.53% and it is trading at a rate of $0.0593.

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