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“Chinese market price for seedless pomegranates is falling”

The number of seedless pomegranate traders has grown rapidly in recent years. And their large number disrupts the regularity of the Chinese pomegranate market. Many growers harvest their pomegranates before they are fully ripe, and their poor quality disrupts the market. Huili’s pomegranates have recently entered the market and Director Tang Ting of Jintang County Dexing Fruit Industry recently spoke about the market conditions and outlook.

Manager Tang first introduced the conditions in the pomegranate production areas. “This year the weather conditions were excellent. The production volume is much higher this year than in previous years. And the quality of the product is excellent. The skin of the fruit is shiny and only a small number of pomegranates split open. As for market conditions, the market has recently weakened. The pomegranate trade has slowed down. The purchase price for premium pomegranates was about 4.5 yuan. [0.70 USD] per 0.5 kg when pomegranates entered the market in mid-August, but then quickly dropped to 3.5 yuan [0.54 USD] per 0.5 kg. Second-rate grenades sell for less than 2.5 yuan [0.39 USD] per 0.5 kg. An annual peak period for pomegranate sales is the Mid-Autumn Festival [September, 19, 2021], but at the moment conditions for the next few weeks are difficult to predict. “

Jintang County Dexing Fruit Industry’s seedless pomegranate orchard in Huili, Liangshan sub-prefecture, covers an area of ​​133 hectares. “We settled in Liangshan over 20 years ago and specialized in seedless pomegranates. We quickly became aware of some problems in this industry. Seedless pomegranates were all the rage a few years ago, but more recently the market has been chaotic due to increasing numbers Some farmers do not wait for pomegranates to ripen before harvesting them. They want to enter the market early and take advantage of a higher opening price, when the supply is still limited, but the unripe pomegranates are of lower flavor and quality of the product, so consumers are put off. by them and consumer demand decreases.In addition, the expansion of the overall area devoted to pomegranate planting stimulates the overall volume of production, which in turn creates a situation where supply exceeds demand, and therefore the price drops. “

“Although the product quality of pomegranates in the market is far from uniform, the low price also has an impact on our top quality pomegranates. However, our business philosophy is to “build a brand on product quality”. We harvest each pomegranate during the optimal harvest. period and strictly control the quality of the products. We have also set up our own packaging team and we update our assortment every year to optimize the customer experience, ”explained Director Tang. Jintang County Dexing Fruit Industry’s pomegranate brands have already gained a foothold in the domestic market, and the company team is now actively developing the export market.

“In addition to the seedless pomegranates, we also promote new products every year, such as the Crimson grapes that we brought from California, United States. Our vineyard is located in Xichang. The conditions there are optimal for growing grapes. The temperature difference between day and night is great and there is abundant sunshine. These conditions are very suitable for planting Crimson grapes. The Crimson grapes we grow in Xichang are sweet and crunchy, and seedless, ”said manager Tang.

“This year, the weather conditions in Xichang were not bad, so the harvest was quite rich. The grapes have just entered the market, and the current purchase price for premium grapes is around 9 to 10 yuan. [1.39-1.55 USD] per 0.5 kg. We expect the harvest to last until the end of November. Stored grapes can be sold until after the Chinese Spring Festival [February 1, 2022]. “

Jintang County Dexing Fruit Industry was established in July 2014. The company specializes in integrated growth, retailing, storage and distribution of agricultural products. The company will attend the Shanghai International Fruit Expo (postponed) from October 8-10.

Asked about the future of the company, Director Tang replied, “This is the peak period for domestic fruit production. a large number of visitors the opportunity to experience the excellent flavor of our high quality fruit products. And we hope to get in touch with many new potential customers.

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