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Chinese kiwifruit price fell 40-50% in two weeks

The overall areas devoted to planting many types of fruit have all been extended in recent years and their production volumes are increasing every year. Bountiful harvests lead to excessive market supply, which in turn lowers the market price. Additionally, the Covid-19 outbreak last year created numerous obstacles for distribution and the workforce, which had a significant impact on the fruit market. The kiwifruit is just one of many fruits to suffer from these market conditions.

The kiwifruit market is a bit smaller than the apple and banana markets, but kiwifruit, so rich in vitamin C, remains one of the most popular fruits in the market. “Retail conditions have been quite good in recent years. Many farmers have increased the area devoted to planting kiwis to take advantage of these market conditions. That is why the production volume is increasing rapidly. The overall production volume of Chinese kiwifruit fruits increased by 10-15% compared to last year. And this is happening at a time when supply volumes of other fruits are also increasing, but consumer power is weakening. This is not good news for the kiwi industry, ”said Mr. Di Gang of Zibo Boshan Bifangting Cooperation specializing in kiwi plantations.

Mr. Di Gang continued, “Zibo is one of the biggest kiwi fruit growing areas in China. This year, Zibo’s kiwifruit crop began entering the Chinese market in large quantities in early September. At that time, the purchase price was 4 5 yuan [0.62-0.77 USD] per 0.5 kg. In less than two weeks, the price has already fallen to 2-3 yuan [0.31-0.46 USD] per 0.5 kg. Kiwifruit growers did not see a drop in prices of this magnitude coming. The price is unlikely to climb very high later in the season. And Guangyuan kiwifruit in Sichuan will also enter the Chinese market. The purchase price may well drop below 2 yuan [0.31 USD] per 0.5 kg when this occurs. “

In addition to the excessive market supply, the fall in prices is also the result of early harvesting practices. For many years, farmers harvested their kiwifruit too early to take advantage of the higher opening prices. But the flavor of unripe kiwi is too sour. Consumers remember unpleasant experiences with unripe kiwifruit and become more cautious when considering buying kiwifruit again, especially when shopping for kiwifruit online. The departments concerned have implemented strict regulations in recent years to combat this development. They prohibit early harvesting practices, but unripe kiwifruit still appears on the market frequently.

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