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Amid rising gray market prices, Apple’s largest reseller in Russia closes

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While some sellers are posting incredible markups on Apple hardware, the Russian chain of re:Store stores selling Apple hardware has temporarily closed.

Apple stopped selling online in Russia on Tuesday, March 1, 2022, citing how the company is “deeply concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.” Now, physical stores operated by third-party resellers in the region are either closed or selling Apple gear at greatly inflated prices.

According to the Russian publication Podyomalso known as “The Rise!”, the nation’s largest retailer did not open on March 2, 2022. However, a spokesperson for the re:Store chain said the closure was temporary.

“The decision to close re:Store stores today is temporary and is due to the need to assess the current market situation,” said Lyudmila Semushina, public relations manager at Inventive Retail Group in Moscow. Podyom (in translation.) “In the near future, stores will continue to operate as usual.”

At the same time, reported that online Apple retailers have dramatically increased their prices.

“The cost of Apple products has soared almost everywhere,” the site says. “The most expensive MacBook Pro reached 1.138 million rubles.” It’s about $11,000.

Supposing means the most expensive MacBook Pro that Apple lists – rather than being maxed out via Build to Order options – then it should sell for $3,190. This is based on the latest prices from the Apple store in Russia before it closed.

Other examples cited include a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max that now costs 308,679 rubles, or about $2,940. Apple’s online store in Russia was selling this for $1,523.

Although retail sites now consistently offer premium prices for Apple hardware, that doesn’t mean customers are buying. Apple hardware is not in high demand in Russia.

Based on 2020 research, Statista estimated Apple sales for the entire region to be $2.5 billion.