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American rifles see their price drop on the black market


Prices for US M-16 and M-4 rifles have dropped dramatically in Darra Adam Khel and other black markets due to increased arms supply after Kabul fell to Taliban .

An M-4 rifle that was previously available at one million rupees is now sold for Rs 800,000 and prices are plunging every day. People are reluctant to buy these rifles while waiting for a further drop in prices in the coming days.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, a local Shahnawaz resident said that with the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan, the supply of rifles suddenly stabilized and every day dozens of these military rifles are being shipped to Pakistan from the war-torn country.

“The Taliban captured large reserves of these American military rifles while some former Afghan army soldiers also sold their rifles to traders in order to earn money and that is why the weapons are being smuggled into the United States. Pakistan on a very large scale, ”he said. , adding that since August 15, there has been a massive drop in prices in the local market and people have stopped buying these rifles while waiting for a further drop in prices.

“An M-4 bullet was previously available at Rs70 per bullet, but now it is sold for Rs55 and we expect it to drop to Rs35 in the next few days due to increased supplies,” said another dealer who only sells ammunition.

“Compared to AK-47s, M-16 and M-4 rifles are not considered good because they are complex and do not withstand jams, but being expensive these rifles are considered a status symbol,” especially in Punjab and these guns are smuggled. on a very large scale towards Lahore, ”he said, adding that in the past 9mm pistols would arrive in Darra, but today they only deal with rifles.

“There is very little demand for these super expensive American rifles and 90% of them are sold to arms dealers in Punjab where they are more expensive and people have the purchasing power.

“The Afghan economy is in shambles these days. Millions of people have been left out of work with the sudden withdrawal of US forces from the country and the Taliban themselves need the money to end up selling their excess rifle stocks to arms dealers in KP and Balochistan ” he said, adding that the US withdrawal had almost completed the supply of alcohol to the market.

“Previously, KP and Balochistan were the only places where whiskey was available at half of its original price due to its large-scale theft in NATO containers.

Posted in The Express Tribune, September 11e, 2021.