Market decline

AGEM index posts monthly decline of 4.7% in January amid broad market decline

The AGEM index released Thursday its January 2022 figures. The first month of the year fell 45.71 points to 925.87, marking a decline of 4.7% from December 2021.

Compared to a year ago, the index increased by 229.80 points for an annual growth rate of 33%. In the last period, nine of the companies in the AGEM index reported share price declines amid a broad market decline. As a result, three companies posted positive contributions to the index, while the remaining nine posted negative contributions.

The main contributor to the monthly index was Konami Companywhose 11.1% rise in share price led to a gain of 16.69 points for the index. The largest negative contributor to the index was Aristocrat Leisure Limited whose 7.4% drop in the overall share price led to a 35.24 point drop in the AGEM index.

A double digit drop in the share price for Science Games Society also played a key role in the index’s monthly decline. The company announced a 13.7% drop in the stock price, which caused the index to drop 15.63 points.

All three major US stock indexes have declined over the past period. the The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 3.3%, while the S&P 500 fell 5.3%. During this time, the NASDAQ fell 9.1%.

AGEM produces the monthly AGEM Index which includes 12 global game providers across the world. A total of nine providers are based in the United States and are listed on the NYSE, Nasdaq or OTC market, while two trade on the Australian Stock Exchange and one on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.