Market price

Afghanistan: Monthly National Market Price Bulletin, Issue 23 (covering April 2022) May 18, 2022 – Afghanistan


Strong points

In April 2022:

• After Kazakhstan imposed a temporary quota on wheat and wheat flour exports, regional concerns about the food supply of importing countries were raised. This quota will be in place until at least June 15, 2022 and will limit exports of wheat grains to 1 million tonnes and wheat flour to 300,000 tonnes. These bans come at a time when food prices have reached an all-time high around the world. As a result of the mentioned bans, the demand for wheat flour in Afghanistan has increased and prices are expected to rise again in the near future.

• In March 2022, wheat flour prices in major markets in Kazakhstan were 3%, 8% and 16% higher than last month, last year and the 5-year average, respectively. While in the Pakistan-Karachi market from April 2022, wheat flour prices increased by 18% compared to last month, they increased by 18% compared to last year at the same period , where on average over 5 years, they have increased on average over 5 years . Karachi is the main market from where wheat flour is sometimes exported to Afghanistan.

• Commodity prices (wheat grain, wheat flour, cooking oil) increased from last month and remained well above last year, the 2-year average and the month of June 2021 “before the political unrest in the country”.

• National average prices of the WFP food basket increased by 3 percent compared to last month, reaching 8016 Afghani (91.5 USD), while last month the price of the same food basket was 7812 Afghani (88 .6 USD). Its cost is 37% higher compared to the same period last year and 14% higher compared to June 2021.