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Dark Web Market Price Index Report 2018

The following section analyzes the current dark web prices for hacked accounts and explores why individual brand credentials are currently valued as they are. It incorporates both US and UK data. Find out how different types of pirated credentials can be used for fraudulent purposes in the Common Scams section of our Dark Web Price […]

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Donald Trump’s tweets on rising stock prices versus falling market

Trump’s tweets bragging about rising stock prices now sound insane, which is why politicians wisely avoid commenting on the markets At one point on Friday, February 9, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell to its lowest level since late November, before rebounding. Since January 26, the Dow Jones has fallen nearly 10%, the first significant […]

Market decline

If you are about to retire, should you retire from stocks? – Quartz

Nobel laureate Bill Sharpe has said that knowing what to do with your money after you retire is “finance’s worst and most difficult problem.” It got even harder for weeks like this, turning out to be the worst on Wall Street in years. It reminded investors that putting money on the stock market is not […]

Market decline

Despite Dow Jones Rebound, Stock Market Decline May Not Be Over Yet

Historical data is a reminder that the stock market may get worse – or at least go sideways – for a while. But it also confirms what many long-time investors will tell you: don’t panic. After a massive rise in stock values, that’s probably pretty healthy. “I don’t think the decline is over,” said Kristina […]