With Chakuza in the Charts – Interview with Andy Reinard

With Chakuza in the charts – production and tour

The drummer and drummer Andy Reinard has produced the new chakuza album "Noah".  Together with Max Choose from In Vallis, he now plays some festivals and tours

Not only does music have to be well composed and produced, it has to be performed well on stage.

The drummer Andy Reinard has participated in the current chakuza CD “Noah”. As a drummer, he contributes his intense beats and, as a producer in the team, the creative input that a production and, last but not least, an artist needs in order to continue to develop musically.

Some topics of the conversation

  • Songwriting and band sound
  • Rap: How much text can you remember?
  • Produce in a team
  • Festivals: On stage with Chakuza
  • Daft Punk and the completely different album
  • Coverband yes or no?

Music in the program

  1. “Anno 1981”, “Chakuza”, from the CD “Noah”, Four Music (Sony Music) 2016
  2. “Noah”, “Chakuza”, from the CD “Noah”, Four Music (Sony Music) 2016
  3. “Giorgio by Moroder”, “Daft Punk”, LP “Random Access Memories”, Smi Col 2013
  4. “Connection”, “Girls in Hawaii”, from the session for the CD “Everest”, Naive (Indigo)


Andy Reinard

“The music we all hear in the band has no limits. There are so many influences from different styles that it’s actually not fun to say “I have to produce a Hip Hop album now, which has to sound the same as everyone else’s.”

Andy Reinard live

Andy Reinard, was born in 1977 in Aachen.

At the beginning of his musical career there were nine years of trumpet lessons before he took his first seat behind the drums when he was 17 years old.

It was love at first sight, or rather the first blow! After intensive first lessons he studied from 1999 at the Conservatory Maastricht. To gain deeper insights into Afro Cuban Percussion, Andy Reinard spent some time in Cuba in 2004, taking lessons from the Trinidad School of Music. This was followed by lessons and workshops at Roland Peil, Adam Nussbaum, Benny Greb, Eric Harings ….

Reinard plays and plays in addition to his work with Chakuza in various bands and projects (including Señor Torpedo, Ringo, Girls In Hawaii, background noise) He plays in clubs and at festival concerts throughout Europe. Since 2004 he teaches at the MUFAB and gives band and drum workshops in different contexts.

Musical influences include Beatles, Chemical Brothers, Hot Chip, Simon & Garfunkel, Simian Mobile Disco, Steve Gadd, Tocotronic, The Roots.

Discography (excerpt):

  • Señor Torpedo – Through Night Scenes, Lux 2003
  • Ringo – Demo EP (2007)
  • Señor Torpedo – We Want Be from Sweden, Defusion Records 2009
  • Girls in Hawaii – Everest, Naive 2013
  • Chakuza – Noah, Four Music (Sony Music) 2016