Virtuosity and Expression – Interview with Lisa Franken

Virtuosity and expression – interpretation and value of music.

Lisa Franken plays cello and piano,

Is a sound musical education with numerous international degrees, successful competitions and sound gaming practice a guarantee for an expressive emotional game?

The cellist and pianist Lisa Franken has a lot to offer in terms of education and degrees. However, she has decided not to enter the conventional machinery of the classical music industry.

She tells interesting things, including sound shaping, interpretation of music, practice and everyday musicianship.

Some topics of the conversation

  • Music school in Russia
  • Instrument and sound
  • Virtuoso like a sewing machine
  • competition
  • Be a musician beyond the usual commercial norm
  • Learn by heart

Music in the program

  1. “Schubert”, “Impromptu op. 3 “, concert Lisa Franken, 2015
  2. “Treacherous Cretins”, “Frank Zappa” “Shut up ‘n play yer guitar”, CBS 1981
  3. “Libertango”, “Astor Piazzolla”, “Dreams”, Excellent Recordings 2016

Live in the program

  • on the cello: Excerpt from the 1st Cello Suite by JS Bach, Prelude
  • at the piano: Excerpt from Biyuya, Astor Piazzolla

Lisa Franks

“I do not like learning motor”

Lisa Franken on the cello

“People who are really interested mostly listen very positively and openly. They are interested in the musical message. “

Lisa Franken, born 1984 in Ordzonikidze / Russia, comes from a family of musicians. Here she learned from early childhood an intensive promotion on the piano and on the cello. Her first studies on both instruments began at the age of four. In the period from 1990 to 1999 she attended a special music school in Moscow, where talented children were particularly encouraged.

As part of a scholarship she emigrated with her family to Germany in 2000, where she also studied music at the colleges of music in Cologne (Germany) and later in Maastricht (Netherlands) and the Royal Flemish Conservatory of Brussels (Belgium) in Bachelor received of Music and Master of Music / Concert exams and graduated respectively with success.

Since the beginning of 2013 she gives solo concerts for cello and piano and can already look back on many experiences in working with orchestras.

In addition to collaborations with orchestras such as the Symphony Orchestra Aachen (Deputy Solocellist, 2013), the Flemish Opera Gent / Antwerp (Cello Soloist, 2011) and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (Sup-Principal Cello, 2012), she was able to play in the period 2000-2010 Gain playing experience in several German orchestras. (Dusseldorf Symphony Orchestra (Tonhalle Dusseldorf) and Young Philarmony Cologne (Cologne).

Her activities as a soloist (also with orchestra) and as a chamber musician have taken her to Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Russia and Jordan.

As part of her competitive work, which she always saw as training, Lisa Franken had many successes:

International Piano Youth Competition (Glubcicze, Poland) 4th Prize, Virtuoso of XXI.century (Moscow, Russia) 2nd Prize, Virtuoso 2000 (S.-Petersburg, Russia) 1. and 2nd Prizes, Steps to Pushkin (Moscow, Russia) 1st Prize, Shostakovich Competition (Hannover, Germany) 3rd Prize, ISBach Competition (Saarbrücken, Germany) Diploma, Brahms Competition (Pörtschach, Austria) Finalist, Concourse Voluve de Saint Pierre (Bruxelles, Belgium) 2nd prize, Torneo Internazionale di Musica (Cologne, Germany) two diplomas, Chopin Competition (Rome, Italy) 3rd prize and diploma, Concorso Silvio Omizzolo (Padova, Italy) finalist, Concorso International Comune de Cortemilia (Cortemilia, Italy) 1st prize winner. , 3ème Concours Internationales de piano (Valberg France) Finalist, 3rd prize – winner of the competition “Young Professionals” in Rösrath (Germany), Ibla Grand Prize (Ragusa, Sicilia) Award.

She took active part in masterclasses of M.Kliegel (Bad Honnef, Germany), Y.Chang.Cho (Kronberg, Germany), K.Georgian (Tibor Varga Academy in Sion, Switzerland), R.Wallfisch (Tilburg, the Netherlands) -Cello, P.Gililov (Atri,, Italy), V.Lobanov (Salzburg, Austria) -Klavier.

Discography (excerpt):

  • Dreams, Romantic Works for Cello and Piano, 2016
  • Uncut, JS Bach, Six Suites for Violoncello, 2016