Urban Street Arts – Interview with Jonas Wilms

Urban Street Arts – Ultimate groove to the show

Jonas Wilms plays on the Urbanatix

Participating in a big show like the Urbanatix in Bochum is a big challenge for all actors and also for the whole team.

In addition to artistic handicraft requirements, the social competence and the team spirit of all protagonists is in demand.

The Dortmund musician Jonas Wilms is one of two drummers who provide live beats and groove in the show. Urbanatix is, he says, “a huge family that understands itself very positively”. Inspired by this, he talks about the show, challenges in the show and the tremendous motivation boost he has received in this stage of his musical life.

Some topics of the conversation

  • Musical basics from the Waldorf school
  • Urbanatix: The Urban Street Arts Show
  • Habitat Ruhrgebiet
  • Understanding craftsmanship: technology and sound on the drum set
  • Play with Click
  • Success and luck

Music in the program

  1. “Parallel Universe”, “Moses”, from ep “Page A”, 2015
  2. “Leave It Alone”, “Living Color”, “What’s Your Favorite Color?”, 2009
  3. “Mission Impossible”, “Bergmann & Bartkowski”, “On a movie trip”, 2012
  4. “Crazy”, “S Barkley”, Version of “The Lounge Experiment”, 2014

Jonas Wilms

“You have to be in the service of the show and the song”

Jonas Wilms live in action

Drummer Jonas Wilms, born in Dortmund in 1980, studied jazz drums at the ArtEZ Conservatory and then completed a master’s degree at the Messiaen Academy, both based in Enschede, the Netherlands.

On a regular basis, Jonas Wilms accompanies renowned artists such as Cosmo Klein, Peter Beets, Linley Marthe (ex-The Zawinul Syndicate), Mark Nightingale (Robbie Williams, Spice Girls), Nippy Noya, Vanessa Patruo (ex No Angels), Dian Pratiwi, The Wolf and many more

In his creative, precise and technically savvy game, the passion of jazz merges with the energy of rock and the groove of hip-hop – live and in the studio.

Since 1998 he works as a drum teacher at various music schools. Jonas Wilms lives in Dortmund.

Current projects (excerpt):

MOSES, Soul / Pop
Lounge experiment, lounge / pop
Urbanatix, Urban Street Dance Show
Raggata de Blanc, Tributes to the Police
Erwin Machulke and the KuWaSchies, Showtunes
Bergman & Bartkowski, Movie Trips