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The Power of the Ears – Interview with Felix Curdes

The power of the ears – cast and hang up

a  href=''Felix Curdes/a is a piano tuner, piano and harpsichord maker and DJ

Listening is not self-evident today. Interlinked with multimedia, we continuously receive information.

Not only visually but also auditory. We are surrounded by a huge background noise. Often we are saturated with these things. The ear “makes tight”.

But what if the ear has to be ready for the next use? For example, when tuning a piano or playing music as a DJ.

Felix Curdes has been working in both disciplines for over 21 years. The ability to listen and listen connects both workspaces. Felix tells about the works of a piano maker, the art of listening and about his way to independence.

Some topics of the conversation

  • The craft of the piano maker
  • The power of the ears
  • Hearing: Absolute or relative?
  • After 21 years of permanent employment in self-employment
  • Hang up old school
  • When the computer takes over the helm

Music in the program

  1. “You can not hurry love”, “Phil Collins”, from the album “Hello, I Must Be Going”, 1982
  2. “I want to survive”, “Gloria Gaynor”, from the album “Love Tracks”, 1978
  3. “Air”, “JS Bach”, from “Suite No. 3”, “Royal Philharmonic Orchestra”, 2007

Felix Curdes

“I did not want to become the keyboard-playing solo entertainer who makes the big Max.”

Felix Curdes concentrates at work

Born in Vietnam in 1969, Felix Curdes came to Germany at the age of one.

After completing his schooling in Aachen in 1988, he moved to Braunschweig, where he began training as a piano maker at the Grotrian-Steinweg pianoforte factory. He graduated in 1993 with the journeyman’s examination. In the same year he found employment in a renowned piano business near Aachen. As part of this 21-year employment, he was able to deepen his extensive knowledge.

His competence and his sympathetic, affable manner make him a sought after partner among his customers.

Almost simultaneously with his apprenticeship as a piano maker Felix Curdes built a very good reputation as a DJ. Here, too, he can look back on more than 21 years of DJ set experience.

For economic reasons (like many employees in the piano industry) he was subject to staff cuts in 2015 and left “his” company on 01.08.2015.

Only a short time later, Felix Curdes decided to go into self-employment.