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Symbiosis Band – Interview with Jonas Burgwinkel

Symbiosis Band – shared feeling of suspense

a  href=''Jonas Burgwinkel/a, drummer and co-founder of Klaeng in Cologne

Who does not know that: children who knock on pots with kitchen utensils and demand a lot of patience from their parents and neighbors. First steps in music and rhythm.

The drummer Jonas Burgwinkel has done similar things in his early childhood. It quickly became clear that the early childhood percussive experiments are not ephemera.

In the meantime he is one of the internationally most wanted drummers in his mid 30s. His in-depth musical experience, the ability to immerse himself in the music and his willingness to go out of his comfort zone again and again, makes him a coveted fellow musician in various band projects.

In today’s program, Jonas Burgwinkel gives interesting impressions on his development, on working in a band context, and on his responsible job of preparing young students for working life.

Some topics of the conversation

  • Get out of the comfort zone
  • Make music using life
  • The Klaeng collective
  • Play inside and outside a form
  • Work with DJ
  • Development of the musical personality

Music in the program

  1. “What I dit”, CD “Side B” (live from the Stecken in Cologne), “Klaeng Records”, 2016
  2. “So tender”, “Keith Jarrett”, “Standards Vol. 2”, 1985
  3. “Circles and calligrams”, “Medusa Beats” ( Benoit Delbecq_keys | Petter Eldh_b | Jonas Burgwinkel_dr), live, 2015
  4. “In a silent way”, “Joe Zawinul”, CD “Side B” (live from the Stecken in Cologne), “Klaeng Records”, 2016

Jonas Burgwinkel

“I had a lot of energy as a child. These days I would have gotten Ritalin – in the past, they built themselves drums “

Jonas Burgwinkel in the music on set

Jonas Burgwinkel was born in 1981 in Aachen and currently lives in Cologne. He is an outstanding jazz drummer, internationally sought after for his unique style of playing.

He innovatively blends classical jazz with avant-garde improvisation. Numerous awards, including the “ECHO JAZZ 2012”, the SWR and WDR Jazz Awards, the “BEST SOLOIST AWARD” at the North Sea Jazz Festival, as well as over 50 CDs and countless radio and television recordings document the success of his musical work.

This goes far beyond the national borders: Burgwinkel plays worldwide, with jazz greats such as John Scofield, Chris Potter, Uri Caine, Dave Liebman, Lee Konitz or John Taylor.

A particularly intense musical collaboration exists with the internationally present Pablo Held Trio, who recorded a live CD with the guitarist John Scofield in 2014 in the Kölner Philharmonie.

In addition to his concert career Jonas Burgwinkel is involved as a co-founder of the Cologne jazz collective KLAENG as a concert promoter, with intensive networking and own label. In 2011, Jonas Burgwinkel followed an appointment as professor of jazz drums at the Cologne University of Music and Dance. He himself says, “You can help students listen to their preferences and teach them how to systematically build things and use them well beyond their studies.”

In addition to his varied activities as a sideman, he released his first own CD “Source Direct” in 2011 and the live CD “Side B” in 2016.

Current projects (excerpt):

  • Source Direct
  • Pablo hero trio
  • Sternal Symphonic Society
  • Jonas Burgwinkel Solo
  • Frederik Köster “The Transfiguration”
  • Medusa Beats

Discography (excerpt):

  • Jonas Burgwinkel, Source Direct, (Dream Tone 2011)
  • Pablo Held Trio Live, (Pirouet 2012)
  • Sebastian Sternal, Sternal Symphonic Society (Dream Tone 2012)
  • Pablo Held Trio meets John Scofield, (Pirouet 2014)
  • Frederik Kösters The Transformation, Tension / Release, (Dream Tone 2015)
  • Jonas Burgwinkel, Side B, (Klaeng Records 2015)
  • Peter Ehwald, Double Trouble, (Jazz Workshop 2015)