Passion Concert – Interview with Peter Hanschmann

Passion Concert – A journey through music history

Peter Hanschmann lives in Düsseldorf and attends many concerts.

Peter Hanschmann is a music fan through and through.

He does not only live out his great passion in front of the stereo: he visits many concerts, has an incredibly large record collection and is by the way a walking lexicon of rock music history.   A very interesting interviewee for me, I’m just as crazy about music and concerts. By the way, we have once spotted his ticket collection and planned more common “atrocities”.


Some topics

  • Math work after a Kiss concert
  • When Zappa has a bad day
  • Stage show: a must?
  • Sound at concerts
  • The loudest band in the world
  • Ticket prices beyond good and evil
  • Responsibility in the job
  • The birth of an idea


Music in the program

  1. Frank Zappa – Peaches En Regalia , Album: Hot Rats , 1969
  2. The Doctors – Cry for Love , Album: The Beast in Human Form, 1993
  3. Motorhead – Ace of Spades , album: Ace of Spades, 1980
  4. Riddle riddle: The resolution will be available in the next program (with Peter)

“Rock music has been my passion since my youth”

Peter at the interview in the midst of his collected works


Peter’s Little Song – Top Ten (no ranking!)

  • Croby, Stills & Nash: I Allmost Cut My Hair
  • Wolfmother: The Joker And The Thief
  • Motorhead: Overkill
  • David Bowie: Heros
  • Pink Floyd: One Of These Days
  • The Kinks: Waterloo Sunset
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd: Free Bird
  • Rolling Stones: It’s Only Rock’n’Roll, But I Like It
  • Blues Pills: Lady In Gold
  • Faces: Flying

“Dying rock gods – for me, the question arises” How long will they do that? “So I’ll take what I can “