Urban Street Arts – Interview with Jonas Wilms

Urban Street Arts – Ultimate groove to the show Participating in a big show like

Jazz for generations – Interview with Sabine Kühlich

Jazz over Generations – Between Scat and Text For months standing at the Grand Master’s

A bag full of musicians, a studio and then? – Interview with Werner Hüsgen

Selecting musicians and keeping them on the rails, recording a CD, looking for a publisher,

Journey into the 80s – Interview with Alexander Samsz

Does anyone still know some hits of the NDW from the 80s? Are there any

Tap dancing across the pond – Interview with Max Pollak

Tap-dancing across the pond – Rumba Tap brings cultures together Learn from old masters, gain

With Chakuza in the Charts – Interview with Andy Reinard

With Chakuza in the charts – production and tour Not only does music have to

Virtuosity and Expression – Interview with Lisa Franken

Virtuosity and expression – interpretation and value of music. Is a sound musical education with

Earwig Guitar Reef – Interview with George Syrmbos

Catchy guitar riff – milestones of rock music. There are hundreds of guitar melodies and

German Text Culture – Interview with Moses Christoph

German text culture – craft and inspiration How can you fill in lyrics with meaningful

Childhood in Costa Rica – Interview with Boris Bansbach

Childhood in Costa Rica – Musicians in Germany Childhood characterizes a person very much. Different