My first concert was a football game

An exciting musical year

live concert

I’ve interviewed a lot of people in the last 12 months, have been to many concerts, and have shared concert experiences with many people in intensive discussions.

Since then came to me and some friends and girlfriends the idea to report, the euphoria, to let loose and to process the experience entertaining.

And lo and behold: The hard drive (brain and heart) is brimming with little anecdotes around the experience: live concert.


Before we start, I would like to thank all interview partners, supporters and of course dear listeners. I wish you all a relaxed Christmas and a great slide into the next year.

And here’s something out of the Klamottenkiste:

My first concert was a football game

The year is drawing to a close and I have the time to review something and I’m actually back to the year 1979 and then 1983 arrived.

During this time I started to get more interested in music. Clear: Before, I enjoyed a great recorder lessons with our neighbor and some carols on the accordion for the best. But really cool music that went off right, I did not know. There was not at our home (which is really no reproach).

Around the age of 9/10, my grandmother often stayed at our house. I always had to leave my room and stay in the attic instead. Was not a problem, because there was a cool old wardrobe with all sorts of trinkets in it and a clock radio by the bed.

Wow: The universe sound and music was opened. In the evening there were often live concerts on the radio and exciting music shows, such as 1981’s Sondock’s hit parade, which I “stalked” almost every Wednesday.

So also on that said evening: Rod Stewart live. Of course, I had no idea what was happening. The audience went off and what came out of the radio, no doubt tied me. Then this number ” Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? “

This keyboard melody and this power kicked me completely back then. I made the radio directly after the song and tried to remember the melody (of the chorus): Unfortunately it did not work. The next day I could not remember anything. Only many years later did I learn what I had heard back then. The original song is on the ’79 album ” Blondes More More Fun”.

For me, that was the initial spark for love, the enthusiasm for music. My spirit of inquiry was awakened. Only for the medium of music as a listener and later as a player.

After this joyous event, I eventually got an incredibly cool radio cassette player, with which I could hear my first tapes and of course radio. At that time Mel Sondock, with his hit parade and the station BFBS, entered my musical life.


 A short time later in early 1983 I had my first ticket for – no no no concert – but for a football match: Hamburg against Dortmund in Dortmund. (I Hamburg “fan” next to me our neighbor Klaus Dortmund fanatic …) Well, football should not ignite a great passion in me, although the Hamburg sports club has won 2-1 this day.


Anyway, shortly before July / August, I opened the newspaper Prisma at breakfast in the morning and saw Bono’s energetic face. Bono, who was the guy? And who were these U2? No idea, but it was clear to me: You have to get the guys live! Wow, are they playing at the next Rockpalast Festival on the Loreley? Oh no: on 20.08.1983. That can not be true. I thought to myself: I have to go there. Im immediately to the management of our small family and: Rejected. I had to go to football. My first concert and I was not there. And what the Rockpalast had come up with for a line up that day: Stray Cats, Steve Miller Band, Joe Cocker, U2, Dave Edmunds. Pity …


There was a live broadcast of the Rockpalast spectacle on TV. I was able to persuade my mother to record the concert – all bands. Thanks to the little invention called cassette has worked great. There was no dubbing cable. So the recorder was set up close to the TV, the TV turned to maximum volume and kept silent for over 4 hours (which was certainly not easy for my mother and her friend) and schwubbeldiwupp: All the music was in the box. No song was cut off. The two ladies did an excellent job.

I still remember it very well. I came from soccer and was looking forward to it like a little kid, that I could hear the music now. And I was totally flashed. Of course from U2, whose music spoke to me completely from the soul. They were cool. I heard the tape up and down for weeks. But also the other bands did it to me. I found the stylistic range of this very special Rockpalast evening totally interesting.

This evening was for me again the multiplier of that night in the attic of my parents. From then on, with my friends, I’ve looked at everyone but every Rockpalast. We looked at the bands, philosophized about the music and bought the corresponding records, listened to together and later also re-enacted songs. Of course, then we are more and more pilgrimage to concerts and festivals.

I still find some U2 songs from that time really good and I still enjoy listening to them. Some highlights are

  1. At Cat Dubh – Into the Heart
  2. Out of control
  3. Stories for boys
  4. The Electric Co.
  5. I want to follow


Thanks to a lucky coincidence, I am the proud owner of a great vinyl recording “U2 Live at the Marquee London” from the year 1980, which is also the second music example of today’s program.