Jazz for generations – Interview with Sabine Kühlich

Jazz over Generations – Between Scat and Text

Lines for Ladies with Sabine Kühlich, Sheila Jordan, Laia Genc, ​​Anne Czichowsky, Christin Korb

For months standing at the Grand Master’s door, be dismissed and then taken after a long time as a student. This is known from many Kung Fu films.

The singer Sabine Kühlich had the courage to ring in the big bebop legend Sheila Jordan. In contrast to many Kung Fu students, her “Grandmother” not only immediately accepted her as a student, but went straight to the stage with her and made music.

How it all came about, how the work with Sheila Jordan is and what emerged from it for exciting projects, tells Sabine Kühlich in today’s program.

Some topics of the conversation

  • Bebop and scat singing
  • Spontaneous text improvisation
  • Woman power five times
  • Listen across the garden
  • Saxophone and voice
  • Family and career


Music in the program

  1. “Beautiful Love” / “Delecious and Loveley”, “Lines for Ladies”, 2016
  2. “I wish you love”, “Lines for Ladies”, 2016
  3. “You do not know what love is,” (Composition: DePaul, Raye) “Sonny Rollins”, “Saxophone Colossos”, 1956
  4. “Koto Song” (composition by Dave Brubeck) / “Sweet Slumber” (text on Paul Desmond’s solo in Koto Song written by Sabine Kühlich), “Sabine Kühlich & Laia Genc”, “In Your Own Sweet Way”, 2016


Sabine Kühlich

“I thought I feel like I’m in the sandbox and I’m allowed to do something that is incredibly fun and causes well-being for me”

Sabine Kühlich, Laia Genc, ​​Anne Czichowsky, Sheila Jordan, Kristin Korb

Sabine Kühlich was born on 1.2.1973 in Gera (Thuringia). Piano lessons from 1979, saxophone from 1987, voice, clarinet, improvisation at the MH Würzburg as a guest, later studies at the Conservatorium van Maastricht, guest student in Cologne, then jazz studies Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Since January 2006 she is a lecturer at the University of Arts / Conservatorium van Maastricht. She won the 2nd Prize at the International Vocal Contest in Brussels in October 2007, was a finalist at the Leidse Jazz Award and at the 20th Concour de la Chanson in Amsterdam.

The master’s degree from 2003 brought her from the Conservatory of Amsterdam to New York to the Manhattan School of Music. Concerts in Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Cologne, Amsterdam, NY … At Jazzclub Jakobshof in Aachen she formed her own series ThursdayVocalSpot with funding from the state of NRW. Since 2007 she continues the series “Vocal Spot” in Stadtgarten Köln. Concert tours took her to Southeast Asia in 2003, to Brazil in 2007 and to NY every year since 2004. In 2008, she led a Thearter concert tour in Belgium with Sam Vloemans back to the Netherlands.

That was a bit of a sensation when the 1st Prize and the audience prize of the Montreux Jazz Festival for the Shure Jazz Voice 2008 went to just one German – in front of LA and New York! Sabine Kühlich – the swinging Cologne woman – does not only convince at the world-famous jazz festival in Montreux. Several CDs under his own name let listen to the musical diversity between their own jazz compositions, American standards, samba, chanson, swinging Europe, voice and bossa nova saxophone. Guest appearances in Southeast Asia or Brazil, of course Europe, concerts in small New York clubs, teaching at the Conservatorium Maastricht, workshops and tours with the bebop legend Sheila Jordan – the musical spectrum of Sabine Kühlich reflects the wide world. Patty Austin praises her “Exceptional Feeling for Swing and Scat Singing” Barry Harris just states: “Perfect Timing”. On 3sat Kulturzeit she is described as an “exception”: “She sings unrestrained, courageous and sexy. And with a naturalness, as if she had absorbed the American, traditional form of jazz with mother’s milk. “

With their current band project “Lines for ladies” this year the next tour with the NY-Jazz legend Sheila Jordan and the bassist Kristin Korb will take place.


Discography (excerpt):

  • Sabine Kühlich Quartet, It could happen to you, 2001
  • Sabine Kühlich and Crisp, Fly Away, Acoustic Music, 2007
  • TWO GENERATIONS OF SINGERS: Sheila Jordan & Sabine Kühlich, 2007
  • Adam and Sabine: Girl Meets Guitar, 2009
  • Sheila Jordan & Sabine Kühlich: Wounds – Loverly, 2012
  • Sabine Kühlich & Laia Genc, ​​In your own sweet way, 2016
  • Lines for Ladies (live) featuring Sheila Jordan & Kristin Korb, 2016