German Text Culture – Interview with Moses Christoph

German text culture – craft and inspiration

Moses Christoph is a singer and percussionist.  In addition to Sebastian Sturm and the Antelope Gang, he works on his solo project Moses

How can you fill in lyrics with meaningful content, express feelings and events without falling into the usual stereotypes? Which language does the experience tell?

Inspired by his parents and some happy coincidences in his early childhood, Moses Christoph started writing lyrics when he was 8 years old. Now that he has traveled the world’s stages with artists like Sebastian Sturm and the Antelope Gang, he is launching his solo project “Moses”.

Among other things, Moses tells about the work on his new project, the art of writing and the inspiration for his texts. His positive charisma and his driving force, restless in a positive sense, release energies that are also transmitted to his listeners.

He says himself: “I believe this restless always going on is important as a musician and artist to get ahead and not give up.”

Some topics of the conversation

  • Crafting texts
  • Who will say a, need to say b as well
  • Singing with Sebastian Sturm
  • Hip Hop and Rap
  • German text culture
  • DJ Müllmann at the Antelope Gang


Music in the program

  1. “Too easy”, “Moses”, EP “Page A”, 2016
  2. “Stay cool”, “Moses”, EP “Page A”, 2016
  3. “Everything is everything”, “Lauryn Hill, from” The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill “, 1998
  4. “Parallel Universe”, “Moses”, EP “Page A”, 2016


Moses Christoph

“You have to find a way to deal with the bad and keep thinking positive. Even if sometimes it’s not easy. “

Moses Christoph’s new “sweetheart” page A


Moses Christoph, born in 1982, has already experienced the love of music as a child in his parents’ home. His parents met at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen. His father (opera director) and his mother (sculptor) had numerous contacts among others in the African music scene. “I grew up with traditional African percussion and vocal music”. Sung as much as percussion was played.

His father, who also played drums in a band, was a big fan of music with German lyrics, eg by Rio Reiser. As a result, Moses began to write German texts at the age of eight. As he says, his lyrics are often “expressions of a certain feeling,” an event that he himself experienced. His listeners often find themselves in his texts. Moses says “That always touches me when someone says – you tell me about my life -“

And really: Emotional, dreamy and honest best describes the recently launched solo project under his name. A first excerpt of his textual and compositional art has just been published on EP “Page A”.

In the music scene, Moses is not a blank slate. His career began with appearances in various rock, hip hop and funk bands in the Aachen area.

He made a name for himself when he joined reggae singer Sebastian Sturm in 2007 as a percussionist, guitarist and background singer. Germany’s largest reggae magazine Riddim described Moses with his extraordinary voice as “… blessed with a divine falsetto, which is rewarded with some applause applause at some concerts.” Moses toured Europe with Sebastian Sturm and supported Jahcoustix, Gentleman, Patrice and many other artists. Most recently, he recorded a CD with Sebastian Sturm on Jamaica in Kingston.

With his musical skills and versatility, Moses also supports Maxim and is currently touring repeatedly as a DJ and percussionist on the antelope gang through Germany.

Moses music is multi-faceted, handmade, German-speaking pop music, which uses beat-stressed music styles such as hip-hop, funk and soul. Lyrically much too poetic and in love, than that you could call it just pop.

Discography (excerpt):

  • Sebastian Sturm – One Moment In Peace, (2008)
  • Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline – Get Up & Get Going, (2011)
  • Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline – A Grand Day Out (2013)
  • Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline – The Kingston Session (2015)
  • Page A, Moses, (2016)