Earwig Guitar Reef – Interview with George Syrmbos

Catchy guitar riff – milestones of rock music.

a  href='http://www.tory-burchshoesoutlet.net/peer-to-see-loans-as-debt-consolidation/'George Syrmbos/a ​​is a walking music lexicon.  He plays every lick and reef

There are hundreds of guitar melodies and rhythms, which often do not go out of your head for years.

Guitarist George Syrmbos ​​inhaled, performed and internalized these throughout his life. One could almost say: He is a walking lexicon of rock and pop history.

In today’s program, George Syrmbos ​​reflects on the guitar in rock music, the importance of a guitar riff for a song and some milestones in rock music. In addition to his exciting stories, he strikes the strings live and reveals a good portion of his great energy for the music.

Some topics of the conversation

  • Reef and Lick
  • Rhythm and lead guitar
  • Listening and personality development
  • The perfect synthesis of 2 guitars
  • Heavy Metal and condition
  • Studio work
  • When the band bends your baby

Music in the program

  1. “Amapola”, “The Spotnicks”, single on Polydor, 1962
  2. “The Writ”, “Black Sabbath”, album “Sabotage”, 1975
  3. “Flaschenpost”, “Reinhard Mey”, CD “Flaschenpost”, Intercord 1998
  4. “We’re in this together”, “Nine Inch Nails”, CD “The Fragile”, Interscope Records 1999

Riffs and licks in the program

  • “Back in Black”, ACDC
  • “Whole lotta Rosie”, ACDC
  • “Whole lotta love”, Led Zeppelin
  • “Parasite”, Kiss
  • “Thunderstruck”, ACDC
  • “Walk all over you,” ACDC
  • “Chinatown”, Thin Lizzy
  • “The Pretender”, Foo Fighters
  • “Beat It”, Michael Jackson
  • For those about to rock, ACDC

George Syrmbos

“You must have an authentic connection to the things you play”

George Syrmbos ​​in action

George Syrmbos, born in 1967, had first contact with music at a young age. Just got out of the sandbox “rausgetrommelt” he got his first organ at the age of 8 years. After some time it became clear to him relatively quickly that he could not realize his musical ideas on keys. A guitar was for him at that time the more expressive instrument.

He says himself “The impulse was suddenly there and he was very loud”.

At that time he had access to an exciting record collection in his parents’ home. “We had a relatively large record collection and I was able to listen to music quite autonomously because during the day I had the chance to put records for myself or, worse, to kidnap her to my room, which meant they had become my property.”

So he played in no time all songs up and down, practiced not only on the instrument, but also studied intensively the music and its history. He was able to incorporate his great instrumental skills and commitment in the band context into many projects.

Whether in the studio or live on stage: George Syrmbos ​​could be heard and seen among others with Martin Moss, Reinhard Mey, Andrea Porten, Wenke Myhre, Daniel Aminati, Holy Moses, Mekong Delta and Living Death.

For over 20 years, he has been teaching a variety of guitar styles, including in the Mufab in Aachen, when he is not playing, sings or takes an astonishingly amateurishly inspired look into the keys.

Discography (excerpt):

  • Holy Moses – Road Crew, Maxi Single, Aaarrg Records (1986)
  • Reinhard Mey – Flaschenpost, Intercord (1998)
  • Mekong Delta – Live in Frankfurt, DVD, Zardoz Music (rec.1991)
  • Mekong Delta – Live At An Exhibition, Metal Machine (1991)
  • Reinhard Mey – One-Hand Glider, Emi (2000)
  • Reinhard Mey – Dann Mach’s Gut, Universal Music Group (2013)