Contemporary Music – Interview with Lara Sophie Schmitt

Music in transition – Between study and practice

Budding musicians often study and perform at the same time. Life in the study, in the job and the simultaneous “being human” is exciting.

Lara Sophie Schmitt is still a student and already a musician. She works a lot, travels and practices where she can. She plays new and old music equally committed and courageous. As part of a complementary philosophy study, she deals with many questions besides passion music.

An exciting reflection on everyday student life and the change in the classical music landscape between old music and modernity.


Some topics of the conversation

  • Study and teacher
  • Targeted work
  • Existence besides study and job
  • repertoire
  • Contemporary music
  • Human and music
  • Learn modern compositions
  • recomposition

Music in the program

  1. Bernd Alois Zimmermann, Sonata for Viola Solo, CD “Noch: Schon – Music on the Threshold”, Acoustic Motion Concepts 2014
  2. Gustav Mahler, Piano Quartet in A minor: 1st movement. Not too fast, CD “Noch: schon – music on the threshold”, Acoustic Motion Concepts 2014
  3. after 2 .:
    Sonata (Rekomposition Mahler Piano Quartet A-Minor), CD “Noch: schon – Music on the Threshold”, Acoustic Motion Concepts 2014


Lara Sophie Schmitt

“You can never be aware of how another person perceives one and the same item.”

Lara Sophie Schmitt

“I always think: every time also produces their art – that describes the zeitgeist.”

Viennese violist Lara Sophie Schmitt began her studies at the Vienna Conservatory, initially on the violin, to change to a viola at the age of 15 as a junior student. She completed her undergraduate studies with Barbara Westphal at the Musikhochschule Lübeck, as well as with Jean Sulem at the Paris Conservatoire de Musique et de Danse. She is currently studying at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts with Roland Glassl.
Lara Sophie received important musical impulses from Nobuko Imai, Thomas Riebl, Heidi Castleman and Hariolf Schlichtig. From 2005 to 2008 Lara Sophie Schmitt was a member of the “Junge Akademie Wien”, a giftedness program of the Vienna Conservatory, the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts and the Karajan Center Vienna. In addition to solo and chamber music Lara Sophie Schmitt places special emphasis on the performance of contemporary music.
Since October 2011 she is a scholarship holder of the Cusanuswerk.
Lara Sophie plays a viola by Patrick Robin. The purchase of the instrument was supported by the PE Förderkreis für Studierende der Musik eV


Current CD production

  • Still: Already – music on the threshold, Acoustic Motion Concepts 2014