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Chanson and Pop Music – Interview with Renaud Marquart

Chanson and pop music – A French musician in Germany

Renaud Marquart is French and has been living in Germany for over 25 years

France is just around the corner and yet there are many differences between the German and French music scene.

French singer Renaud Marquart has been living in Germany for over 25 years. Musical roots in France and everyday work in Germany.

Listening to his stories, we embark on an exciting journey between cultures, between chanson and pop music.

Some topics of the conversation

  • The boy from the country is studying music
  • Origins of the song
  • A Frenchman in Germany – feelings for two countries
  • French and German music landscape
  • Croisants and butter
  • A short political interlude

Music in the program

  1. “Plage de transit”, “Renaud Marquart”, CD “Ton corps en mémoire”, 2000
  2. “Funeste Jour”, “Renaud Marquar”, CD “Funeste Jour”, 2003
  3. “Osez Joséphine”, “Alain Bashung”, CD “Confessions Publiques”, 1995
  4. “Pour un sourire atrophié”, “Renaud Marquar”, CD Ribambelle De Matins A Molfetta, 2011

Renaud Marquart

“Every place offers something. It’s the art of rejoicing over what you have – no matter where you are. “

The Renaud Marquart band

Renaud Marquart, born on 09.05.1969 in Mulhouse, about himself:

As a native Frenchman with Italian maternal grandparents and German grandfather and French paternal grandmother, I have been living in Aachen for almost 20 years, where I still feel like a Frenchman. I think in French, write my lyrics and read – especially comics – in French and watch quite a few films in French. Of course, I also do cursing in French. When I’m in France again, and that happens often and I’m fine, I do not remember exactly what I am. On the one hand, because I like to see myself as an outsider, and on the other, when I see who my compatriots choose … Fortunately, the French still make the best croissants !!

Well. What music do (and listen to) … well, what can I say, it’s just my life!

Current projects:

  • Renaud Marquart band
  • Renaud Marquart Duo, solo
  • Irish folk project Oirfa

Discography (excerpt):

  • Ton Corps en Mémoire, Renaud Marquart, (2000, Flotainment)
  • Funeste jour, Renaud Marquart, (2003, Flotainment)
  • Ribambelle De Matins A Molfetta, (2011, La Viviane Productions)