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Body Percussion – Interview with Harald Ingenhag

Body Percussion – Human Instrument

There are many ways to immerse yourself in the world of rhythm and body awareness.

Drummer Harald Ingenhag has more than sustained his curiosity for new things. Inspired by the Brazilian Pedro Consorte he has discovered body percussion for himself. Here the body becomes the sound surface. Rhythms are created without any other utensils.

Discover rhythms, rediscover your body: an exciting topic, not just for musicians.

Some topics of the conversation

  • Screwdriver in the eardrum
  • Study and military service
  • Bodypercussion on stage
  • Listen to music without speaking
  • Inspiration literature
  • Accolade from the colleague

Music in the program

  1. “Bye Bye Blackbird”, “Ray Henderson”, Live Jam with S. Decker and V. Heinze, 2016
  2. “Aja”, “Steely Dan”, from the CD “Aja”, UMG Recordings 1977
  3. “Le Petit Marcel Va Au Lit”, “Cattleya”, CD “Le Temps Perdu”, Rent A Dog 2004
  4. “Orange Bazar”, “Frank Sichmann Trio”, CD “Talking Horizon”, Greenhouse Music 2014

Harald Ingenhag

“I like to remember this music enjoyment: time stops, everything else can wait.”

Harald Ingenhag live

Harald Ingenhag, born in 1964, began playing drums at the age of nine. At the same time he learned accordion, but he gave it up after four years. Soon he was playing in bands and had great fun trying out, rehearsing, playing sessions, performing on this instrument.
Making music (including singing, for example, to open up Reinhard Mey songs on the guitar, later playing the piano) was a matter of course for him since his childhood. Just like the intense listening to music that he has celebrated with his friends. “… and we did not speak …”.
After graduating from high school, however, he first studied German language and philosophy at the Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf to pursue a teaching career. However, a friend at the time confused these plans by persuading him to take the entrance exam for music studies at the University of Duisburg / Gesamthochschule Duisburg.

And so it happened that he found himself unexpectedly as a musician. Bands were formed, and he eagerly embarked on his studies, which was a lot of fun and opened his eyes: “Yes, I wanted to be a musician!” He received lessons in percussion, singing and piano, then began at the age of about twenty. to write first pieces and pursued this until he finally founded his own trio: Cattleya. For this ensemble (with Michel Bisceglia / piano and Volker Heinze / bass) he also wrote most of the compositions. The collaboration lasted for about twenty years, four CDs were released during this period.

For about 9 years he has been busy – inspired by the Brazilian Pedro Consorte -intensive with body percussion.

He says himself: “As a drummer I was used to banging on myself – which, incidentally, did not always meet with approval when I was in company – but on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese different sounds (clapping , Beatings on the chest and thighs, finger flips and footsteps) as it were systematically to arrange and to coordinate, in order to create quite “serious” grooves, I had not come until then.

In addition to his steadily growing body percussion student body, Harald Ingenhag teaches drums and plays in music projects of various styles.

Current projects (excerpt):

  • Falk Grieffenhagen Quartet
  • Frank Sichmann Trio
  • Bodypercussion courses regional and national

Discography (excerpt):

  • Thomas Kessler Group, (Laika Records 1990)
  • Thomas Kessler Group, Untitled, (Laika Records 1990)
  • Cattleya, Le Temps Perdu, (rent a dog 2000)
  • Cattleya, Madeleine, (rent a dog 2003)
  • Cattleya, Diary, (Prova Records 2007)
  • Frank Sichmann Trio, Talking Horizon, (Greenhouse Music 2014)